Antti Marine

Optima 2.0


The completely renewed grain drying control system, Optima 2.0, offers its user a completely new opportunity for efficient and economical grain drying.

The control center with drying automation, remote control and other advanced features is designed to be easy to use and – despite the top features – a cost-effective choice even for the needs of smaller farms.

Non-stop drying

There are five preset functions available, which are automatically run in sequence. You can choose more actions after the previous ones have been completed.

Automatic filling and emptying controls are now a standard part of the product

Automatic filling and emptying controls as standard (electronic actuators are required to use the functions).

Saving on expenses

Anticipatory temperature control helps to save on heater fuel costs by adjusting the burner power according to changing conditions, such as the outside temperature.

Monitor and control the drying in any way you want

In addition to traditional manual switches and a touch screen, Optima 2.0 includes connectivity to our online service, enabling remote operation. With the help of our Finnish-language online service, you can control and monitor the activity via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Optima 2.0 standard equipment:

  • Non-stop drying*
  • Automatic filling and emptying**
  • Guided semi-automation***
  • Anticipatory temperature control
  • Stepless fan speed control
  • Stepless speed control of the input device
  • Stepless filling power adjustment
  • Temperature controlled drying
  • Online service connectivity


  • Weighing instrument
  • Optivol short batch automation
  • Elevator load measurement

* Five pre-selectable functions, more functions can be selected after the previous ones have been completed
** Automatic filling and emptying controls are standard equipment, using the functions requires electronic actuators
*** Automation guides the user in the procedures to be performed when there are no electronic actuators