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Research and Development of our automation

To enhance the quality of the end product and simplify farmers' everyday work even further, we have implemented automations into our grain drying control systems. These control systems have been designed for farms of different sizes, providing remote monitoring, automated humidity measurement, drying reports, and more, easily accessible to all farmers. Automation is not new to Antti’s products; we have been integrating various forms of automation into our products since the 1970s. Throughout and following the 1990s, the automation systems were further improved, and nowadays, all online functionalities, including accounting and storage management, are standard features of our automation system.


Grain drying automation is a part of our in-house research and development, and a significant portion of our team is dedicated to improving the automation side of things. The main goal of R&D is to ensure that all the best and most useful qualities are integrated for all our automation users. This is made possible by well-planned internal work, which includes overall software maintenance and programming. By doing this, the automation side of Antti’s business will never lag behind, as it is always developed alongside Antti’s main products. Our automation software is constantly updated, and we guarantee ongoing support for years to come.

Usability is one of our biggest goals

Antti’s control systems are equipped with various necessary functions, yet they are also very easy to use. To ensure that our systems and software are as user-friendly as possible, we have engaged an experienced UI designer from the beginning of the development process. Additionally, all automation tools have been tested by our customers to ensure that the products meet the highest standards. Our goal is to enable our customers to focus on their work and livelihood throughout the year, rather than having to consult manuals and contact technical support on a daily basis.


Antti’s grain drying automation also sets new standards for the entire grain drying business. For example, we have created a "drying report" in our Ultima app, allowing farmers to deliver a step-by-step report and statistics from the entire drying process to the buyer. Our automation also enhances accounting security. All important information remains properly secured when all bookkeeping is in digital form, and it stays secure over the years. Our digital security is designed to maintain its quality in the modern and rapidly evolving digital age, and in case of any mishaps, we can guarantee that all information and data can be restored.


Antti’s cooperation with farmers creates better products and methods. All the data that comes from the grain drying automation helps Antti create even more efficient and better methods for grain drying.


Satisfied customers who have been using Ultima

“You can actually write down all the information without pen and paper.” Check out the video to see how Ultima app has improved the day-to-day working environment of farmers.