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Ultima and Ultima Pro


Ultima is Finland's most advanced grain drying and storage automation system with versatile online services. The Ultima-controlled drying process always includes continuous grain moisture measurement. With Ultima Pro, you also handle batch and silo logging. Grain drying has never been so easy and reliable.

Comprehensive information management

The information of the drying batches is saved in Ultima's online service every time a batch is finished. You can check the drying reports right away, return to them later and gradually build a comparative database. Through Ultima, you can also handle grain storage management, if you wish. You can direct the dried batches to the selected silos and monitor their filling level.

Moisture measurement directly from the grain

Ultima performs continuous moisture measurement directly from the grain. Humidity measurement reduces the need for over-drying, which significantly saves energy over time.

Complete remote management via online service

In Ultima, automatic grain processing is combined with a versatile online service, which the user can access anywhere and anytime with their computer or mobile device. Automation enables continuous batch drying as set in the settings.

Batch logging

All information related to the drying batch, from the field block to the storage silo, is stored in the batch data around the clock. You can easily check batch information, for example, the time, duration, initial and final weight, moisture of the grain, drying temperatures of the drying batch. The progress of batch drying can also be checked from a useful visual graph. A mutual comparison of batches helps in defining the best drying settings.

Silo logging

Thanks to silo logging, you are always up-to-date on the storage situation in the silo. All storages and withdrawals are recorded in the database. The information is stored securely in a secured database. Silo logging is completely transparent and backwards-compatible. The quality chain remains under control and information can be traced all the way down to the field block level.

Annual report

The annual report provides a visual on the use of the grain handling system on an annual basis. You can see at a glance the proportions of dried grain varieties, quantities in kilograms, statistical data on drying times, temperatures, grain moisture, silo filling level and so much more. The report also contains batch data cards for all batches dried during the year.

A flow chart illustrates the state of the process

The flow chart is a retrofit option available for the Ultima control system. The flow chart provides a good overview of the functions of even a complex grain handling system at a glance. It is also easy to control the operation of the devices from the flow chart.

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