Antti Marine

Research and Development of our grain dryers

Antti has been manufacturing grain dryers for decades. Although the core functions of grain dryers has pretty much stayed the same, we have managed to develop dryers’ overall efficiency as well as managed to improve the quality of the dried end product, while also improving the electric efficiency of our machinery. With Antti’s dryers you get today’s best results and the overall drying process has been perfected to be as easy as possible.


Our research and development focuses not only on improving the end product and creating more endurable machinery but also on making working environments on farms much safer and healthier. With our patented dust management, over 90% of the unhealthy debris is no longer an issue, and the dust management also reduces the noise of the drying process.

Dust management


Axial Fan

Energy-efficient axial fans are used in all new Antti dryers. The fans run with a frequency converter that automatically adjusts the necessary amount of air for the drying process to be as energy-efficient as possible. Axial fans are also highly mobile, making them very convenient whenever the dryer's piping is being planned.


Antti’s elevator is one of the only elevator in the market that has “bottomless” cups. Only the lower cup of the whole cup set has a bed and all the other cups create a “column of grain,” which greatly increases the amount of grain being processed compared to multiple regular cups. The biggest advantage of our elevator is that the aforementioned cups work perfectly with all kinds of grain, whether wet or dry, and all this is done without any significant difference on the elevator’s energy consumption.

Automation is the center of our R&D

Antti’s dryers can also be controlled with our own automation system. Automation makes the grain drying process much more accurate, energy-efficient, and controllable. We are continuously developing our grain drying automation and it has already created significant improvements to the overall grain drying process.

R&D of our automation

Case Story: Farm Mäenpää

Miika Mäenpää’s farm in Lapua, located in the heartlands of Finland, was selected to be the first customer to test out Antti’s patented dust extractor. The new and improved machinery has significantly reduced all the debris around the dryer and also lowered the noise level significantly.

Mäenpää’s Farm