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In addition to the moisture content of the grain, the energy consumption of grain drying is mainly affected by three things: insulation, fans and the heat source, i.e. the heater. All of the Antti dryers have now switched to frequency converter-controlled axial fans. They are more energy efficient and durable than previous radial fans. You can also adjust the air volume more flexibly in this way. Frequency converters improve energy efficiency even more.

LPG is currently taking over the heat sources of large dryers. The advantages of a gas-fuelled heater are its power, superior efficiency and a wide adjustment range. The smallest dryers are usually ordered with traditional oil burners. When it comes to gas and oil-fuelled products, Antti's burner technology partner is Oilon. With a bioheater, you save the most on drying costs. Its share of heat sources has increased wildly in the last year. Currently, almost half of the dryers sold are equipped with a bioheater. We have chosen Ala-Talkkari, a top domestic product, as our burner system partner for bioheaters.

Grain drying is moving into the fossil-free era. From the beginning of 2022, all our oil-fuelled heaters and oil burners are HVO-compatible (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil).

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