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Forget the oil bill, use biofuel. Bioheaters heat and dry effectively. The efficiency of the heat exchanger is excellent. The bioheaters burns wood chips, peat, pellets or briquettes, for example. It helps save up to 70% of energy costs.

Antti's bioheater selection includes three energy-efficient and reliable products with a power range of 500–1,200 kW, depending on the model and fuel. The highest temperature of the heater is 90 degrees and the maximum heat rise is 70 degrees.

In addition to grain drying, the bioheater can also be used for the air heating needs of various halls, industrial and construction site premises, and greenhouses.

The Antti bioheater has the largest heat exchanger on the market. The flue gases stay under control because there is enough surface area, and flue gas brakes are also used – they often acts chimneysweeps. Flue gases are directed out with an efficient flue gas extractor. The fire pit is wide and there is a lot of space upwards, so the flame burns with the best possible power. On the side of the firebox, the ash auger takes care of the ash transfer automatically.

The bioheater is easy to sweep from above. There are large ash hatches at the bottom, which can be easily vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner. The Ala-Talkkari firehead fits directly into the opening of the firehead. On the other side is a large ignition door, which also has a flame observation window. An essential safety device is a spark net that prevents unburnt particles from entering the dryer. Ask our experts for more information. Let's design the optimal bioheater system for your farm.