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Social responsibility and sustainability

Antti-Teollisuus Ltd’s commitment for the present and generations to come

Social responsibility and sustainability have become key factors for businesses around the world. Antti-Teollisuus Ltd, a well-known Finnish family business operating in the grain processing industry for over 70 years, has taken significant steps towards promoting social responsibility and sustainability in its operations.

With a focus on high-quality dryers, silos, and other industry solutions, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and our customers.

Setting an Example

We are setting an example in the industry by actively embracing corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Through the development and provision of high-quality, sustainable products and solutions, we aim to reduce environmental impact, support agricultural communities, and contribute to a fossil-free era in grain drying.

We are not only committed to serving our customers but also to making a positive difference in the industry and society as a whole.

Our sustainability goals


  • Minimize impact on the environment on all aspects of operations
  • Use of responsibly sourced materials and material efficiency
  • Offer reliable and long-lasting solutions for generations to come

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