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For years, our product development department has worked on the background doing research, investigation and cooperation to find out what farmers’ real needs and wishes are. Our development work is continuous and customer-oriented.

An essential part of product development is to identify possible practical problems and challenges in different environments. There are multiple ways on how we get the ideas for our research&development. Farmers tell us about their wishes, dealers suggest how to improve our products and our production crew can suggest more efficient ways on manufacturing.

Our core philosophy is to offer farmers products that make everyday life easier and bring them concrete advantages and benefits. Operational reliability is emphasised when using our products. That is also what our customers praise us for the most.

With the help of information and feedback received from farmers, we are able to make changes even before the new product is put on the market.

Product testing has many stages. We also test under practical conditions at real pilot facilities located around the country.


  • The service life of our products
  • The serviceability of our products
  • Grain quality management
  • Energy efficiency


The greatest result of Antti’s research&development is the Iso-Antti line of silos., which required new materials and a completely new production line. When it comes to software, we are constantly developing the Optima control system to make everyday lives of farmers easier. Additionally, we have focused on various special solutions for dust filtration and management in grain drying.

Most important areas of improvement are automation and energy efficiency. Majority of our research&development is working to improve Antti’s automation. On the software side of things we are continuously developing new control systems and online services as well as digital accounting systems and digital stock management to make our customers working conditions way easier.

Cooperating with farmers

Our core philosophy is to offer farmers products that make everyday life easier and bring them concrete advantages and benefits.

Cooperation with farmers is an essential part of Antti's product development and testing.

Finland is a big country, and we have a lot of different kinds of farms. That's why the personal opinions of farmers are so important to us.

Service life and quality matter to us

We want to be a reliable, high-quality brand for all Finnish farmers. This leaves no room for slip-ups or mistakes. When you hear user experiences about Antti, we want them all to be positive.

We want the name Antti to inspire confidence far into the future. An Antti product must be good when it is new and inspire confidence even after decades of use. Invest in a high-quality product whose long service life also guarantees cost-effectiveness.

This can only be achieved by producing the best possible quality.

Collaboration with universities

We also spread our knowledge. Collaboration with different universities has given us tools to improve our methods on how we make the best out of knowledge, information and the experience that we have gathered throughout the years. By doing this we get the latest information on different kind of farming studies and it is important not to forget that sharing knowledge helps both parties to improve.


The Iso-Antti grain silos were introduced to the market at the end of 2022. The commissioning of large silos began from a clean slate. All strength calculations and manufacturing were made new. The result of two and a half years of product development was Iso-Antti giant silos suitable for Finnish conditions and for the needs of Finnish farmers.

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