Antti Marine

Research and Development of our silos

Farms around the world are currently expanding, and therefore the sizes of grain silos need to grow as well. The most efficient way is to store the product at your own farm and sell it just when the demand price hits the spot. Antti has been keeping pace with this trend by creating even bigger silos than ever before. The main product is called “Iso-Antti”.

The basis of our Research and Development is the current state of energy economics

Iso-Antti is the largest grain drying silo in the Nordics, specifically created through our customer-based research and development efforts. R&D was definitely needed since we wanted to create a quality product without simply adhering to a "more is more" agenda with building materials. Controlling the building materials is a significant factor in the product's lifespan, because, for example, the overall weight of all the necessary building materials of a silo affects the overall price of cargo and shipment. One of the main focuses of our R&D is energy efficiency and sustainability, so optimizing the building materials is important from many perspectives.


To build Iso-Antti with a lesser amount of building materials, we created a whole new structural profile for our silos. The walls of our current silos are the result of our old design and new methods of material usage. Even though the walls are now thinner, the overall structural limits are much better thanks to the special steel quality we are using in our silos nowadays. Therefore, we will use fewer building materials while making the silos stronger.

We have also implemented these new materials into our regular-sized silos.


Research and Development requires different kinds of investments. The new profile of our silos is built from extremely powerful steel. All the necessary elements of the silos are constructed in Antti’s own factory with upgraded equipment.

With the new machines, we can now enhance the performance of our silo material manufacturing, create even bigger silos, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The new machinery has also improved the dimensional accuracy of the silo parts, making installation easier. One of the best aspects of the new equipment is its effect on the coating of the silos. Silos coated with zinc can endure extreme weather conditions, and the quality of the coating itself is always tremendous.

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