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The new massive Iso-Antti grain silos are designed for the demanding conditions of the north. The volume of one Iso-Antti, depending on the number of layers and accessories, is between 732 and 1,911 cubic metres. The diametres of the Iso-Antti silos are 10.6 and 12.1 metres. For smaller grain storage needs, we still have traditional grain silos available in the size categories between 109 and 534 cubic metres.

Iso-Antti is designed with a big heart

Iso-Anttis are built strong and durable. The silos are designed to be as maintenance-free as possible. They are built to be sturdier and to last longer. Thanks to the special steel used for production, the silos can withstand a load of 917 kg/m3 (Eurocode). The roof is equipped with separate roof beams, thanks to which Finland's winter conditions do not cause problems. The roof's actuator load is 1,500 kg.

Iso-Antti grain silos are delivered as ready-made elements that are assembled by the installation team. Unlike the smaller silo models, Iso-Antti is erected using jacks as an aid. Assembling the elements is quick, thanks to the precisely measured parts. There is no need for special tools.

A large silo is cost-efficient

  • more affordable cubic price for storage
  • less need for conveyors
  • efficient emptying (80 tonnes per hour, sweeper 60 tonnes per hour)

Iso-Antti offers a lot as standard equipment

The standard equipment of Iso-Antti grain silos includes person hatches on the roof and on the wall, wall ladders with back protectors, roof ladders with railings, and ventilation connections. The roof consists of a central cone, roof beams and one-piece roof blocks, which guarantee the mutual symmetry and strength of the silo and the roof. Iso-Antti grain silos are emptied efficiently with Sveaverken's horizontal and vertical augers. The auger system is delivered in full.

A soil survey and a level concrete floor are required

The foundations of Iso-Antti silos are cast from concrete on the ground, and the base of the concrete floor is flat. Regardless of the soil, a soil survey must be done for the grain silo. The drain auger is embedded in the foundations. On a ventilated floor, embedding is not required.

Ventilated floor as an accessory

The ventilated floor allows for the grain mass to be ventilated with a ventilation fan, if necessary.

  • Perforated board floor, the lower space of which is pressurised
  • Ventilation fan, 11 kW high pressure fan
  • Height of the ventilated floor 351 mm, free space 306 mm


Supports are needed for the drive head and the conveyor for filling. There is a grain pipe support kit available for filling with a grain pipe.

Efficient emptying

Emptying takes place with Sveaverken's horizontal and vertical augers. The auger system is delivered in full. The delivery includes a cover for the horizontal auger and a rain cover for the Sweeper motor. Electrification and control of the motors are not included in the delivery.

  • Horizontal and vertical auger 80 tonnes per hour
  • The loading height of the vertical auger 5.7 m
  • Sweeper 60 tonnes per hour for final emptying (1+3 emptying openings)

Temperature monitoring as an accessory

The grain temperature is tracked with temperature monitoring. If the temperature in the silo rises, the ventilation fan is turned on to cool the grain.

  • 12 measurement points (4 sensors in three cables)
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection for Android phone

Download dimension information for the Iso-Antti grain silos

Erecting Iso-Antti silos

Images of Iso-Antti silos


Antti's standard grain silos are the leading products in their field. They are assembled on the farm from the ready-made elements produced at the factory. Erecting is mostly done with a crane without scaffolding or safely with the help of jacks. The diametres of the Antti grain silos are 5.3 and 7.5 metres.

The standard equipment for the grain silos includes a filling opening, hatches on the roof and on the wall, a wall ladder, a wall connection for the auger conveyor and a protective pipe. Plenty of accessories are also available. The conical base improves the usability of the silo. The conical base can be either a regular cone or a ventilated cone.

Silos with ventilated floors for wet grain

Silos with ventilated bases are equipped with a ventilated inner cone. Grain can be cooled or ventilated, and the silo can be used for temporary storage of freshly threshed, moist grain. The silo has exhaust air valves. Emptying with an auger or a conveyor. The silos with ventilated floors keep both the combine and the dryer working.

Grain silos for grain storage

Antti's standard grain silos are especially suitable for grain storage. The selection is the same as for silos with ventilated floors. Grain silos are quick and easy to empty, and the foundation set above ground prevents water problems. Emptying takes place either with an auger or a conveyor.

Grain silo D5.3 with a low auger-emptying inner cone

  • the low cone allows for more grain volume in the silo
  • dry grain storage silo
  • easy-to-build tile foundation
  • no risk of water leakage
  • emptying done by an auger on top of the cone

Pictures of grain silos