Antti Marine

Dust Container

The dust container keeps the environment around the dryer clean

The Antti Dust Container gathers trash and dust from the dryer's dust removal in one place. The surroundings of the dryer stay clean and tidy when the garbage is collected in a spacious dust container. The dryer's dust control enhances grain yield and improves working conditions, making them safer.



  • Reduces the risk of fire: The container collects dust from the dryer safely and prevents its spread.
  • Keeps surroundings clean: The dust container reduces untidiness and protects the environment near the dryer.
  • Reduces costs: The dust container provides a cost-effective way to handle dust and residues, and also enables the use of dust for something else, such as heating production.


  • 7m3
  • Seven inlets for pipes ø 200 and ø 250mm
  • Fully opening front wall, the container is easy to empty
  • Moving the dust container is easy. It has standard fittings for a tractor frontloader (EURO), forklift, and three-point linkage (cat2 and cat3)
  • Both ends of the container have opening control hatches and safely swiveling levers
  • Separately removable top cover
  • Ladder to deck
  • Galvanized solid construction
  • Delivered ready to use