Antti Marine

Mobile Dryers


You can quickly and easily use the Antti Plug&Dry mobile dryer efficiently. It is attractive in terms of both purchase and operating costs: no major foundation and construction work is required, and the delivery includes ready-to-install modules and cables. The rotation speed and emptying power of the mobile dryer can be adjusted steplessly with the frequency converter of the feeder. The mobile wagon be covered in the same way as the fixed machinery.

Mobile dryers are based on the same basic technology as all other dryers manufactured by Antti, with volumes between 16.8 and 101.1 m3. The heater can be selected according to the size class of the machinery and the desired power, fuelled by either oil, biofuel or gas. The mobile dryer does not have a bottom auger and the elevator power can be selected.

Mobile dryer works in any weather

The Antti mobile dryer has been developed for demanding conditions. Regardless of the weather, it dries

feed, seed grain and small seeds quickly and energy-efficiently. Its drying speed is increased by the vacuum technology used in the mobile dryer. The technology sucks the heated air in the heater’s heat exchanger through the batch of grain or seeds. The negative pressure also reduces the amount of dust.

Save energy

Antti's drying technology is saving energy in many ways, which in turn lowers operating costs. The vacuum drying technology guarantees high efficiency. There is also an option to purchase an Ultima automation centre with humidity measurement instead of an Optima centre for the mobile dryer. The continuous humidity measurement is accurate and reduces over-drying, reaching the desired humidity, even at night. Using the frequency converter of the axial fans reduces electricity consumption, and the stepless adjustment of the air volume optimises drying. When the machinery is insulated with a ready-made insulation package, energy consumption is low and drying is efficient.

Download the technical data for the mobile dryers