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Laak­so­nen farm is loca­ted in Lie­to, Fin­land. Farm made a dryer invest­ment because some of the for­mer dryers were worn out, and some had poor ope­ra­tio­nal relia­bi­li­ty. The farm opted for domes­tic Antin dryers, and simul­ta­neous­ly, the old oil hea­ting sys­tem was replaced with an Antin bio-oven and wood chip hea­ting.


  • 950 hec­ta­res of cul­ti­va­ted land
  • Dual dryer
  • Ant­ti vacuum dryer 55MF3
  • Capaci­ty 58,8 m³ / dryer
  • Ant­ti 800kW Bio-oven,Vetocont800, wood chip silo 21 m³
  • Ulti­ma Cont­rol Cen­ter with humi­di­ty mea­su­re­ment and auto­ma­tic fil­ling and emp­tying
  • Buf­fer silos 105 m³ 3 pcs, each with its own high-pres­su­re blower

The dryer takes care of many proces­ses inde­pen­dent­ly, and someo­ne doesn’t have to be the­re all the time to watch and chan­ge batc­hes. I think it’s a very success­ful solu­tion”, says see­mingly deligh­ted Timo Laak­so­nen.


Tin­ka­mas grūdų džio­vyklos dul­kių val­dy­mas page­ri­na dar­bo sąly­gas ir bendrą grūdų kokybę Mii­ka Mäen­pää ūkis (įsikūręs Lapua mies­te, Suo­mi­jo­je) buvo pir­ma­sis ūkis pasau­ly­je, išbandęs „Dus­tex“ dul­kių sepa­ra­to­rių. „Ant­ti“ pro­duk­tai ūky­je buvo nau­do­ja­mi dau­gi­au nei 20 metų, o nau­jausias įren­gi­nys šia­me ūky­je – 2021 m. paga­min­ta stacio­na­ri „Ant­ti“ džio­vykla. 2022 m. rudenį džio­vyklo­je buvo sumon­tuo­ti nau­ji […]

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